self portrait of khensani mohlatlole in drag makeup

Do not read further into this ‘about’ page expecting a clear, direction of this here website/blog. This is basically the culmination of the 2000s-2010s media obsession with the fashion media–you know, The Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty, Running in Heels, that supernatural episode of Gossip Girl where Dan and Blair are competing for an internship at W Magazine, having my parents plant me firmly in front of books and computers instead of, I don’t know, outside learning even just a little physical coordination, and having too many opinions but nowhere to put them. TL:DR, I like fashion, I like looking at stuff and I like to talk.

But not just that either. I’m an eco-feminist and I’m still learning what that means. I think about fine art and sex and porn a lot. I like to make things with my own hands and I would like for other people to learn that too. I watch way too much television, most of it pulp, too much of it about the affairs of the filthy rich. Consider this a digital archive of all my obsessions, thoughts and hobbies while I’m trying to figure out what I want the world to look like and hope very desperately for a fashion media revival in South Africa.

If you’d like to commission my writing or arts and crafts, become pen pals or work with me, please visit the contact page or alternatively send me an email. I’m also available on twitter and instagram.

Some of my stuff has been published:

Why do we want fashion to be art so badly? – Bubblegum Club, 2021
Influencer Class of 2020 Interviews with Luyanda Mafanya, Foyin Og, Kamo Mafokwane and Kamo Modisakeng – The Throne, 2021
Samantha Jones & Tracee Ellis Ross: the last single girl – Bubblegum Club, 2020
Khanyi Mbau: Immaterial Girl – The Throne Mag, 2020
[podcast] Why Queen Sono is the best show ever – Lillies Radio, 2020
Why does the ‘rich aunt aesthetic’ that local influencers love so much exist? – News24/W24, 2020
Monetising the male gaze: online sex work in South Africa – Hedone Zine, 2020
[podcast] Sustainable fashion is a scam – Lillies Radio, 2020
Five easy steps to buying more sustainable fashion – The South African, 2020
Fashion IS Function at Nike’s Future Forum – The Plug Mag, 2020

Places I may have been featured/seen:

Glitter Betty – fashion for the cheeky and playful – Bubblegum Club, 2016
tavi’s kids: five high school fashion bloggers to watch – i-D, 2015