Khensani Mohlatlole

Who is Baddie K?

Is Baddie K a fallen teen popstar desperate for a new claim to fame? Is she the cumulation of narcissism and unwavering self-belief that causes anyone to think that anything they have to say is actually important? Didn't she once rob a bank after dropping out of school?

Guess what? No one knows.


Khensani Mohlatlole, AKA Baddie K, is a South Africa communications student and fashion school drop out who's been featured in i-D, Elle South Africa and Bubblegum Clubb. She's written for Style Africa and (the now-defunct) Glitter Daiquiri and now spends her days being a nasty girl and hanging with nasty womxn.

This blog is an ongoing artwork utilising fashion, illustration, film, and writing to explore Khensani's concerns about growing up, giving up, sex, identity, gender, performance, and ascension.

Get in touch

Baddie K has experience in fashion styling, design and writing as well as being adept at content creation, social media management and copywriting. If you would like to hire her, collaborate or donated to her Nando's Fund, email khenzonatalia@gmail.com

Alternatively, you can find Khensani on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

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